Countdown Till Pre-Sale


July 17th, 2017

Care Coin: Where Health Care meets the Blockchain

Presale Milestones

Presale funds will be used for the following Milestones:

  • Completion of prototype into a Minimum Viable Product v1.0
  • Hiring of key Directors and Staff to launch Care4Me operations
  • Expand marketing outreach
  • Hire legal and financial advisors

Presale Structure

The CareCoin presale will be structured as follows:

  • Presale will span 2 weeks and be divided in 5 rounds If any round is not completed in 2 weeks presale will extend for 2 additional weeks.
  • Funds will be refunded for incomplete rounds. Completed rounds will not be refunded.
  • Upon completion of all 5 rounds of funding, Presale will close, all purchases finalized and CareCoins released to owners.

Presale Bonuses

Bonuses will be issued as follows:

  • For every round completed after your initial purchase, you will be awarded 1% of your purchase for each additional completed round.
  • For example: You purchase 100,000 CareCoins in Round 1. You will be awarded 1000 CareCoin for every subsequent round completed for a total of 4000 CareCoins in bonuses.
  • Purchases made in the 5th round will qualify for a CareCoin Give-A-way amounting to 5% of total CareCoin sold in 5th round; approximately 325,000 CareCoin.

Why a Presale?

A working Care4Me prototype will be completed by July 8th, 2017. This prototype will allow the public to get a glimpse of the care4Me platform. In order to complete the platform though, a team of backend developers, UI/UX professionals and legal/financial consultants will need to be hired. In order to do this, a small amount of CareCoin will be sold in an ICO Presale. Unlike a big ICO, a small presale will allow us to raise just enough money to complete our minimum viable product V1.0 (MVP) and prepare all the formal conditions for a proper CareCoin ICO.

What Is Care Coin?

CareCoin is an ERC20 token created using the Ethereum ecosystem for special use within the Healthcare Industry. Care4Me is the first platform to incorporate Ethereum technology into a practical healthcare service. The platform makes it easy for nurses to apply and submit all their qualifications such as licenses and certificates to the Care4Me database by streamlining the on boarding process on the app. Our staff reviews all documentation and certifies that the nurses are indeed qualified. This certification is documented using Ethereum Smart Contracts and publicized to ensure the highest level of public trust in our nurses.

Nurses who have been approved will have the opportunity to accept cases they are qualified to service. They will service the case and submit all required documentation to the Insurance Providers. The insurance provider then can leave a review for the nurse which will also be certified using Ethereum Smart Contract technology. CareCoins are awarded to Nurses whenever their reputation increases as a trust worthy nurse. CareCoins can then be redeemed for cash, rewards or used in other health related services which, in the future, will accept CareCoins.

Future of CareCoin

The Care4Me platform is owned by Helios Health Group, Inc., a Medical investment company that invests in all sectors of the Health Industry. Upon the successful launch of Care4Me and with funds raised at our official ICO we hope to invest in acquisitions of major Health companies such as clinics, medical supplies, health tech companies, drug companies and hospitals. We plan to use these acquisitions and developments as the stepping stone into launching CareCoin as a health asset accepted within the health industry.

It will take a lot of work before we get there but we hope that by creating a stable currency that serves as a health asset for healthcare it may benefit millions of people world wide who lack access to healthcare. Industry specialists, economists, tech experts, legal experts and financial experts will be hired to make this a reality if our Presale and ICO are successful.


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