It is with great pleasure and excitement that I would like to announce that the Care4Me prototype will be unveiled to the world July 8th, 2017. Care4Me is a peer-2-peer platform that brings nurses and individuals in need of care management services together at the push of a button. The Care4Me platform will function as a web, iOS and Android application; think of it like an Uber-for-Nurses. We hope that by sharing our progress with the world we will motivate investors to get behind our product and help us fund its completion through a presale of CareCoin, an ERC20 Ethereum Smart Contract token. Announcements will be made shortly regarding the presale itself. For more information on the presale please visit

Care4Me aims to alleviate a multi-billion-dollar problem in the Health Industry; hospital readmissions. A hospital Readmission is when a patient discharged from a hospital is readmitted back into the hospital within 30 days of original discharge. In 2013, 18% of all inpatient admissions resulted in readmissions within 30 days after discharge, accounting for $15 billion in annual costs. In addition to these costs, repeat hospitalizations place patients at greater risk for complications, hospital acquired infections, and stress. Because most readmissions are for nonsurgical services, it is unlikely that readmissions are profitable for hospitals.

Care4Me’s mission is to reduce hospital readmissions by partnering directly with Health Insurance Providers and providing them with the Nurse workforce needed to service the millions of patients discharged from hospitals nationwide. Insurance providers are placed in the front lines of the battle with hospital readmissions since it is they who suffer the financial burden of it. Therefore, these Insurance companies are seeking to subcontract with nursing agencies that can provide the workforce required to service patients discharged from hospitals. Our nurses will be given the important task of visiting recently discharged patients at home and making sure that they are following the proper instructions given by their doctors. In this way, we hope to reduce preventable hospital readmissions and in the process save lives.

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