What is Care4Me?

Care4Me is a p2p web, android and iOS care management app that brings nurses and clients in need of in-home care together on a national scale. It is backed by CareCoin, an Ethereum Smart Contract altcoin that is used in rewarding early adopters and beta-testers as well as nurses who provide quality services to clients down the road. A working prototype is under development and in the coming weeks announcements will be made in regards to its progress. The platform acts similar to Uber, allowing nurses to make their own schedules and accept cases that populate a geo-synced map. All on-boarding, training, case acquisition and case completion is done on the application.

How will Care4Me Work?

The platform works by establishing a smooth on-boarding process for nurses which are acquired via outreach strategies which have been tested by industry insiders. Nurse are acquired through partnerships with unions, Universities, Hospitals and Federal/State regulated employment agencies. When Nurses apply to join Care4Me, the platform requests all industry required licenses that would qualify a nurse to provide at-home care. The licenses are verified by a team of nursing specialists who make sure that all nurses who are on-boarded have all proper qualifications in place.

The platform integrates Ethereum smart contract technology to ensure the highest level of trust in qualified nurses. If a nurse is marked as having a history of disciplinary actions on their license the smart contract will not execute the on-boarding of that nurse. The same is done for criminal records. The application also has a feature that allows clients to rate nurses. In this manner each nurse can build a reputation and earn the trust of clients. this trust is certified on the Ethereum blockchain.


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Backed by CareCoin