Announcement of Care4Me App Prototype Release:


Today our company is publicly launching the beta prototype of Care4Me; an innovative peer-to-peer app platform that brings nurses and individuals in need of care management services together at the tap of a screen. Similar to the successful ride share apps Uber and Lyft, Care4Me, functioning on iOS, Android, and the web, is a nurse-hailing app for patients.

We partner directly with Health Insurance Providers, providing them with the Nurse workforce needed to serve millions of patients discharged from hospitals nationwide. Care4Me is crucial when dealing with costly situations where a patient is discharged from a hospital and readmitted back into the hospital within 30 days of original discharge.

In 2013, 18% of all inpatient admissions resulted in these hospital readmissions, accounting for $15 billion a year in extra costs to the Hospital Industry. Furthermore, because most readmissions are for nonsurgical services, it is unlikely that readmissions are actually profitable for hospitals. In addition to this major inefficiency spiking costs, repeat hospitalizations place patients at greater risk for complications, hospital acquired infections, and condition-impairing stress.

Insurance providers who suffer the most financially from the expenses of hospital readmissions, are currently seeking to subcontract with nursing agencies that can provide the workforce required to service these costly patients.

Initially, our nurses will be given the important task of visiting recently discharged patients at home and making sure that they are following the proper instructions given by their doctors. In this way, we intend to reduce preventable hospital readmissions, and eventually provide general care to other patients, saving lives in the process. Essentially, Care4Me is the evolution of the healthcare industry; hybridizing its services with the technological-freelance world.

The Care4Me app cuts through all the slow, outdated modes of processing paperwork in the hospital system to provide a simple, direct, empowering experience for patients in need of timely healthcare at competitive rates… using the alternative cryptocurrency CareCoin as a medium of exchange between patient and healthcare professionals.

To experience the service firsthand by demoing the interaction between each party, visit the prototype here and click the “Demo” button. The prototype uses simulated patients and nurses to demonstrate the search and request for healthcare services.

To fund the final stages of Care4Me app development, we’re holding a modest ICO pre-sale of the CareCoin currency, an ERC20 Ethereum Smart Contract token, on July 17th.

Pre-sale funds will be used to push through the following final Milestones and prepare all the formal conditions needed for a proper CareCoin ICO:

  • Completion of prototype into a Minimum Viable Product v1.0
  • Hiring of key Directors and Staff to launch Care4Me operations
  • Expand marketing outreach
  • Hire legal and financial advisors

Care4Me Milestone Roadmap


By sharing our progress with the world we aim to motivate potential investors to quickly get behind our product and fund its completion. Announcements will be made shortly regarding the pre-sale itself.

A lot will be happening within the next 2 weeks; to stay updated on Care4Me’s progress and future announcements please subscribe to our email list and register to participate in the CareCoin pre-sale on Registered participants will be notified directly of more instructions preceding the pre-sale.

For more information on how to buy in at the CareCoin pre-sale, pre-sale bonuses, the future of CareCoin, and to demo the Care4Me app please visit

For questions and inquiries regarding the demo and future pre-sale please join our Slack.


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